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Q1. Where should I install the device?

The front of the device (sensor) should face the wall of the bathroom.

In other words, if the sensor if facing the entrance, ceiling, exterior, it may detect other movements and accumulate unnecessary data.

Please refer to the installation video on the website.

Q2. Device pairing is not working.

  • Your WiFi channel may be 5GHz. Our device only supports 2.4GHz WiFi channels.
  • If you have changed WiFi settings or are trying to install it at a different location, you need to initialize the device before pairing it.
  • If your WiFi name or passwords includes Korean or special characters, please change it to English and numbers before trying again.

Q3. Which smart phones are supported by the device?

It can be used on all mobile devices with the latest OS version.

Can I check the information on multiple phones?

Information can be shared through the sharing code.

Try sharing it with friends, family or your veterinarian.

Q5. I have multiple cats. How should I use the device?

You should have separate bathrooms for each cat, and our device on each of them.